A volunteer story – Tracy

Tracy is a regular volunteer at G53Together and has been working on the helpline most days for the past four months.

Tracy grew up in Pollok but now lives in Barrhead, however many of Tracy’s family still live in Pollok so she has a strong connection to the area.

When Tracy first started with G53Together, she volunteered three days per week but due to the increase in demand for support, Tracy now volunteers full time to provide essential support to the community.

Tracy decided to volunteer with G53Together after seeing some posts on our Facebook page, “I’d seen what work they did on Facebook and thought I’d really like to help people of Pollok. I also suffer with mental health issues, so it was good to get myself out the house and do such a rewarding job.” 

Tracy added her favourite part of volunteering is “putting a smile on someone’s face when I’ve answered the call. They have been so distressed and by the time they hang up they are so thankful for the help and making them smile again. To see there is help out there, makes this job worthwhile”.

A memorable moment for Tracy was when she was able to help a woman who called crying. The lady was ill with COVID and her husband had lost his job. She didn’t know where to turn. Tracy helped to provide the lady with some food and help towards her gas and electricity. The woman told Tracy that thanks to her, she could now see a light at the end of the tunnel. These are the types of calls that make it all worthwhile for Tracy.

Tracy said she enjoys volunteering at G53Together helpline because everyone she works with is lovely and very good at their job. She adds “we all help one another, and it helps me to get out of the house which helps my mental health too.”

Tracy recalls a time where she was the only volunteer on shift, when a call came in requesting a food parcel. Not wanting to leave the family waiting, at the end of her shift, Tracy dropped the parcel off to the family personally – “I was just glad I could help” she said. For anyone considering a volunteering role with G53Together, Tracy would like to add “it is a helpline and makes a huge difference that people of Pollok can call for support and help for almost anything.  We go above and beyond to help and that makes it all worthwhile.”

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