How G53Together helped Mhairi

Mhairi has lived in Pollok for 12 years. She found out about G53Together through one of our volunteer call handlers, Suzanne. Mhairi knows Suzanne because their children attend the same school and they have become friends. Suzanne was aware of the struggles Mhairi was experiencing and asked her if she would like some help and how could G53Together support her.

Mhairi was relieved when Suzanne offered. Mhairi was able to access help towards her fuel costs, she received food parcels and sometimes all she needed was a supportive chat. Mhairi said “ [It was a] good wee link, always got someone there.”

Mhairi noted that another reason she contacts G53Together is that knows she will get to speak to friendly people who don’t judge. She likes that the volunteers tend to be local people from the community however she mainly contacts Suzanne because Suzanne “knows my story so it’s easy to go through stuff.”

Mhairi added that if she ever speaks to any of the other staff or volunteers from G53Together they always make her feel at ease and comfortable. It’s never awkward which means she is more inclined to contact them than some other support services.

Mhairi believes having a service like G53Together in Greater Pollok is really important with so many people struggling, they need help. She also believes that having that support locally creates more of a community spirit and that it’s great having the information coming out on social media to spread the word.

Mhairi has advice to anyone in the community needing help but unsure about contacting G53Together – “Please go [or call] and if you don’t feel confident enough, I would help and do it for you. Just a phone call.”

Mhairi confirmed that the help and support she has received has had a massive positive impact on her situation. At one point, Mhairi was having to make a choice between feeding her children or heating her house but with G53Together’s help she has been able to do both.

We asked Mhairi if there was anything else she would like to see G53Together provide that we don’t already do. Her response – “Fantastic as it is.”

If you require advice, support or even just a chat, please call our helpline on 0141 378 8541. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. (insert helpline image)

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