A volunteer story – Suzanne

A lifelong resident of Greater Pollok, Suzanne McGlone has probably volunteered the most hours to G53Together since we were established. Suzanne, who currently lives in Househillwood has been a lifelong resident of Greater Pollok.

Suzanne started volunteering as a call handler on our helpline in March when COVID-19 lockdown first began. She has regularly volunteered Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm each week. When Suzanne first started volunteering with us, she hadn’t been working and it was beginning to take its toll on her mental health. Volunteering at G53Together has given Suzanne ‘purpose’ in her day. She now feels a key part of her community, helping to improve the lives of her fellow residents. Suzanne said “My favourite part of my role is being given the ability to help. I am trusted to make new partners [relationships] with important organisations so we can support more people.”

Suzanne’s main volunteering role involves answering calls for support that come in through our helpline. Suzanne will advise callers about support for fuel debt, food parcels and put them in touch with key services depending on their requirements. Suzanne recalls a couple of calls that have stood out to her – “The ones I can relate to through personal experience are always [the] ones that stand out like a working mum sobbing on the phone because of job loss and never being in the system having to claim for the first time so she had no clue what to do. I was that person so I could instantly relate.” Suzanne adds “Having a call from the police asking if we could support a family who had experienced suicide that weekend.
The children were young and one was the same age as my son when he experienced the suicide of his dad. I remembered how my son was affected and the pain he felt so that was really important to help.”

Suzanne’s advice to anyone in Greater Pollok considering volunteering at G53Together – “Anyone who has the time I would urge them to volunteer. Without volunteers this service would not be delivered as well as it is.Being part of g53 together has made a huge difference to mine and my daughters life. Being able to make a difference in the community we live in is very important.”

Volunteers like Suzanne go above and beyond everyday at G53Together. From delivering food parcels & picking up donations to helping residents who wouldn’t normally engage with support services.

Suzanne believes “Pollok at one point had this community spirit but due to lack of funding and different reasons it seems to be lacking now. G53Together has brought that back to life and going forward the work that will be delivered will only be good for the Greater Pollok community.
I feel very lucky to be part of such an amazing project and look forward to seeing it develop into a hub for the people of Greater Pollok. People need a sense of community spirit and at last it is now here.”

If you would like to volunteer with G53Together, you can contact us here.

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