G53Together volunteers have been AMAZING!

A year on from when we first began, we want to sincerely thank ALL of our amazing volunteers!

Whether you volunteered one hour or 40 hours, every person who donated their time to help their community is a HERO to us!

Since opening, in response to the call centre, we had a number of 
volunteers who all gave their time to the project.

We had Jannette, Tracy, Tracey, Michelle, Abbie, Liam, Martin, Chris, 
Courtney, Louise, Sophie, Karen and a few teachers from St Paul’s High School to name a few. SWAMP staff also responded by quickly changing their job roles to help with call on the helpline.

While we may have not named everyone here, we wanted to let ALL of our volunteer know that we APPRECIATE you, we VALUE you and we could not have done it WITHOUT you!

You are amazing and please don’t forget that!

Lots of love – G53Together!

(Look at our volunteer stories Tracy & Suzanne for a couple of examples of the work our volunteers do. We will share more volunteer stories soon)

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